Friday, 25 January 2008

Karenina Model FHM Foto Bugil?

Karenina, one of the sexiest and hottest model in Indonesia, is a ordinary girl. Karenina has a perfect body to the TOP Model in fashion world. She is a model, catwalk model, and movie player.
Karenina was born in February 28, 1983. She started her career when her age was 12 years old. She is a young talented model. Adji Notonegoro was the first man that knows about Karenina's talent and he also brought her to a fashion world for the first time.
Her popularity in fashion stage is amazing because of her talent and that thing also brought her to a movie production. Karenina's first movie was Jomblo, and that movie made her to become more famous than before. Although she was act as a support actress, but her acting made Jeremias Nyangoen, the director, so interested about her. And then he offered Karenina to involve in his new film, called I Love You, Om. She acted as a model in that movie.
She also succeed as a advertising model. She also has a boutique name as Nyu Nyu.

Karenina Model FHM Foto seksi
Karenina Model FHM Foto Bugil
Karenina Model FHM

Karenina Artis Bugil
Karenina Artis Telanjang

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